English Menu

Our menu:

Small dishes: 10 €

(No side dish included)

*Organic baked eggs (Laveau farm 77) with pan-fried foie gras

*Salmon trout gravelax from Méréville (91)

*Snails from Pamfou (Janic farm 77) with cream, garlic and Brie cheese

*Seared scallops, citrus sauce

*Hot goat cheese (Ville-Saint-Jacques 77) in filo pastry, honey, toasted grains

*Brie cheese baked in breadcrumbs and walnuts

Main courses: 20 €

(1 side dish included)

*Salmon trout steak from Méréville (91)

(Marinated with old-style mustard, honey, garlic and paprika)

*Grilled beef sirloin 

(Sauce:  Brie cheese or Pepper)

*Braised lamb shank, rosemary and thyme sauce

*Grilled duck breast, apple sauce

Side dishes available: (alone 4 €)

*Mashed potatoes (Clavelou farm 77)

*Fries (Clavelou farm 77)

*Seasonal cooked vegetables (Moënes farm 77)

*Green salad

Desserts: 7,50 €

*Baked pear with honey (Hamette farm 77), brioche french toast and caramel sauce

*Nocciolata Tiramisu

*Molten chocolate cake in nuts crust and nougat ice cream

*Apple (77) crumble and vanilla ice cream

*Gourmet coffee (+1 €)

*Ice cream 3 scoops

(Vanilla, chocolate, coffee, caramel, nougat, coconut, lemon, strawberry)

*Plate of 3 cheeses

*Brie de Favières with truffles

Full set menu: 35 €

(from thuesday to saturday, lunch and dinner)

1 small dish

1 main course + 1 side dish

1 dessert

Lunch menu : 20 €

(from thuesday to friday except holidays)

1 small dish

1 side dish

1 dessert

1 coffee

Children menu : 12 €

(from thuesday to saturday, lunch and dinner)

Home made chicken nuggets or minced steak

1 side dish

1 mini dessert

1 drink